Bookmarks!: Off with the Birds..

As seems to happen rather often, I was searching for a bookmark earlier today and didn’t manage to find anything more respectable than a Coles supermarket receipt to use…

So I decided it was about time that I unearthed my glue stick and hustled up some more bookmarks of the home-made variety.

I came across I Stamped That‘s gorgeous Angry Birds bookmarks and decided to have a go myself…


I learned that even with the help of a compass I still can’t manage to draw a circle but they are amazingly angry-looking.

I also stumbled across some other incredible looking bird themed bookmarks that loriamckee is selling in her etsy store and decided to try to make some bird on a wire and butterfly inspired bookmarks.

And just because I like doing things in threes, I cut up some scrapbook paper with owls on it (I’m still not sure how I acquired a stash of scrapbook paper… I’ve never scrap-booked in my life) and made some magnet bookmarks.

Now I have a small stash of bookmarks that will keep for a few months before these to go mysteriously missing…

Bookmarks! [3]

We just had another long weekend here and it was very wet. Constant rain for the past few weeks.

On top of that my internet was patchy all weekend…

So I sat down and made some more bookmarks – these ones were Disney inspired.

But first – everyone should go check out Tien’s Blurb. She made some gorgeous beaded bookmarks and made a tutorial to go with it!

Aren’t they beautiful? She’s inspired me to make some beaded bookmarks of my own. Possibly in a few weeks when I’m on holidays and footloose and fancy free 😉

But onto my bookmarks from this week:

Disney Inspired Printables!!!

The best thing about the two I’m showing this week is how easy they are. Just print them, cut them out and you’re good to go!

1. Disney Princesses (link to tutorial)

I think these are very pretty. I made them up. Simple and pretty. I still need to go buy some tassels to put their the holes (and learn to make less blurry photos) but I’m rather pleased with how they turned out.

2. Magnetic Mickey Mouse and friends (link to tutorial)

I loved the Shirt and Tie bookmarks that I made from my first bookmarks post. And these ones are a similar kind of design. The magnets latch on to each other through the page that they are “hugging” so that no matter what you will not lose your page.

Action shot 😛

I covered mine in clear contact adhesive – the kind that parents cover their children’s school books in – just so that they’re be a little more durable.

They’re very cute and I’ve already given all but one of them away to the children of a friend of mine. It made me feel fantastic that they liked them so much.


That’s all from me for this week 🙂

If anyone else is making bookmarks of their own or have any that they bought and would love to share – I’d love to hear from you.


Bookmarks! [2]

After a very busy week of studying, assignmenting and general busyness – I decided to spend some of my free time watching Veronica Mars and browsing the internet for pretty easy to make bookmarks.

The theme for this week’s set – Corner bookmarks. (All links go to a tutorial where I found the pictures. None of these are my own work. Credit to those crafty people who created them)

1. Monsters! – How awesome do these look? I love the way they look like they devour the pages 😛 My kind of monsters.

2. Super adorable Bunnies! – Since cute little bunny rabbits are illegal to have as pets in my state, this is probably the closest I’ll ever get to a rabbit. The only thing I’d be worried about is accidentally bending and breaking their ears as they have to live in captivity in my bag…

3. Simple Origami bookmarks – These are quick and simple. I love these. I’ve made dozens of this type in the past with lolly/candy wrappers or other stray paper I’ve had around the place. Very handy.

4. Cute little origami Heart bookmark – I love the look of these. And the ones in this picture look like they’re made out of newspaper. Recycling is awesome.

5. Gorgeous Butterfly Origami corner bookmarks – These are my favourite of the lot. They are just… so beautiful. Not the most practical but lovely.

Anyone come across any good bookmarks lately? 🙂


It’s no secret that I love books. All books. E-books, paperbacks, hardcover – I love them all.

But I’m not a fan of people who treat their books badly. Cracked spines, bent down corners and ripped pages all make my book loving soul tear up a little.

So it may come as no surprise to learn that I LOVE BOOKMARKS. I have dozens from all over the world. And not all of them are fancy. I have grocery receipts from a supermarket in Italy that is among  my favourites of the bookmarks that I own.

I’m a fairly crafty person (and that’s arts and crafts not the sinister kind… although… :P) I’ve recently decided to make some of my own.

There are so many amazing talented people with great ideas – and luckily many of them post easy to follow tutorials so that I too can seem just as talented and amazing as they are.

I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to post a few of the D.I.Y. bookmarks that I’ve found online with you 🙂 Most of the ones I post will come with a link to the tutorial just in case you want to try them out yourself.

All five of today’s bookmarks are coming from Martha Stewart’s website.

They’re all so pretty. If I get any spare time this weekend I think I’ll give a few of them a go. And then post photos. 😀

Happy Friday. 🙂