The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 21-30 (plus extras)

It’s Friday again so that means that here on whYAnot it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

This week I’m discussion episodes 21 though 30 with some additions. There’s another Q&A as well as the first three Lydia Bennet video diaries.

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

Actual printed invitations ON PAPER!

Actual printed invitations ON PAPER!

The Semester is Over and Lizzie and Charlotte can have some time off studying to have some fun! In the first episode we get to see Lizzie and Charlotte exchange some BFF banter and ponder the big issues: The similarities between job interviews and dating; and the question of money vs. morals.

Lydia’s interfering results in Bing Lee holding a party at his place – complete with actual printed invitations on paper – in The Unavoidable Invitation. Lizzie wonders if maybe, just perhaps, she’s slightly over involved in Jane’s love life.

 Lizzie Answers Questions has Lizzie answering questions (big shock, huh?). Ever wondered how Lizzie puts up with crazy Bennet women? Or her feelings on zombies? Are you dying to know the big book on the edge of the shelf on Lizzie’s bookshelves are? All these questions and more answered in this video.

Charlotte as Bing Lee and Lizzie showing off just how well she knows Jane.

Charlotte as Bing Lee and Lizzie showing off just how well she knows Jane.

In One Sister Behind we see that Bing can be used as a verb. It’s the aftermath to Bing’s big party (complete with Swan Ice Sculptures!). Also Charlotte and Lizzie show off their re-enacting skills when they show viewers an interaction between Bing and Jane which didn’t have any witnesses…. estimated to be approximately 90% accurate… or perhaps that’s closer to 50%.

Oh… Jane is Back and Mom isn’t happy. It isn’t that Jane stayed out all night that has her upset but rather that she returned home before eloping. Lizzie and Charlotte talk about their expectations of the upcoming VidCon (a convention for web videos).



For the first time since The Lizzie Bennet Diaries started all those episodes ago, we get to see her outside of her bedroom! Vidcon Interruption also marks the milestone of the first male to appear in an episode of TBD – Ricky aka. Mr Collins.

Ricky aka. Mr Collins

Ricky aka. Mr Collins

Whilst Mrs Bennet may be out of sight – she’s never got matchmaking off her mind. Mom’s Convoluted Plan, admittedly not quite as far-fetched as the green bean gelatine plan, consists of some home renovations causing the Bennet house to be unlivable. This results, conveniently enough, with Bing Lee opening up his home for Jane and Lizzie to inhabit whilst their own house is being remodelled.

Episode 27 Welcomes Everybody to Netherfield! With the vlog entries no longer being taped in Lizzie’s bedroom, Jane takes over for Charlotte as Lizzie’s camera person and sounding board. There are pros and cons of living in Bing’s mansion. And we get to see the oft mentioned but as far unseen Caroline Lee! Lizzie has to face reality when she starts to realize the ramifications if Bing or Darcy ever stumble upon her humble little video blog.

Caroline Lee - Bing's sister

Caroline Lee – Bing’s sister

This episode is probably one of the most anticipated to date – the first on-screen appearance of [Meeting] Bing Lee! Bing and Jane are every bit as cute and adorable and dorky as Lizzie described.

First Official Bing Lee Sighting!

First Official Bing Lee Sighting!

With Lydia being shipped off to live with Cousin Mary for the duration of Mrs Bennet’s home remodel, to keep from dying from Boredom, Lydia decides to chronicle her days using her phone in the first episode of Lydia’s vlog.

Back to Netherfield Lizzie faces an ethical dilemma after posting the video of Bing to be seen by the world without his knowledge (Episode 29: Ethics of Seeing Bing). Caroline weights in. Lizzie overreacts.

Bing is Back!

Bing is Back!

Meanwhile Lydia is thinking About a Boy. Mary seems to be as far from Lydia as a person could get.

Lizzie may have been overjoyed not to have to spend the past few weeks with Lydia and Mrs B but her time as Netherfield isn’t a picnic either – thanks to Darcy. Ticking Clock has Lizzie waiting by the phone for her mother to call informing her the remodel is finally finished! I learned another new word in this episode: Darcy plus Scrutiny equals Darceny. Lizzie shows off her game show hosting skills with help from her new pal, Caroline.

Caroline helps Lizzie explain the concept of "Darceny".

Caroline helps Lizzie explain the concept of “Darceny”.

Lydia shows off her ingenuity in Lydia Bennet: Ep 3 – The Lodger. Mary is worried that someone has broken into their house. True be told, Lydia has rented out the attic to a stranger named John in return for some money for the mall!

I think what I like most about this series is how creative the team are. The plot of the classic novel has managed to be reinterpreted in this modern setting. There are a lot of nods to the past whilst embracing the current technology and vibe.

They are really starting to gear up with a Bing sighting or two, Caroline’s inside knowledge of the Lizzie Diaries and Lydia starting up her own vlog to share the adorbs with the world.

That’s all for this week’s LBD rundown. Check back in next Friday for my thoughts, feelings and all these screen caps that I feel proud to have mastered for episodes 31 though 40.

Thanks 🙂

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 11-20

It’s Friday again so that means that here on whYAnot it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

Brief summary of the episodes 11 through to 20 in my oh-so eloquent own words to follow.

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

Lizzie as medical student, Bing Lee

In Charming Mr. Lee, we pick up where we left off last week with Lizzie having to eat her own words and realize that Bing might actually be the right guy for Jane. But Jane’s cool attitude towards him may be too cool… When her standard greeting sounds identical for a crush, enemy or the postman, she may need to change her signals if she wants to get Bing.

Thinking up something nice to say about Darcy...

Thinking up something nice to say about Darcy…

Lizzie responds to feedback in Episode 12: Jane Chimes In when she addresses the issue of if she really is too harsh with regards to her opinions of others. It’s decided that she is on the mark with her views on Darcy when the best thing sweet and lovely Jane can say about the man is that “he’s tall”…

Inviting Bing and his sister to dinner at the Bennet household results in mass embarrassment for Lydia and Mrs Bennet in Bing! It’s time for dinner. A trip to the local watering hole for the younger generation end with embarrassment for Lizzie in I Suck at Video Games. But never the less – Lizzie does manage to see the bright side when she realizes that Jane and Bing have been on five (that’s FIVE!) dates together… if one has a rather loose interpretation of the word date.

Lizzie really really sucks at video games

Lizzie really really sucks at video games

In attempt to try to reveal the truth to viewers (as they believe Lizzie to just the tiniest bit biased [Lizzie Bennet is in Denial] when it comes to Darcy), Charlotte and Jane hijack the episode to show a factual account (with a few dramatizations) of what happened at Carter’s the other night. During their role play (Charlotte playing Bing’s valleygirlesque sister, Caroline and Jane’s version of Darcy) they manage to show a side of Darcy that Lizzie just doesn’t see.

Ep 15 - Caroline and Darcy

In Happiness in the Pursuit of Life, Lizzie disagrees with her best and second best friends views of Darcy and ponders about success, life and happiness.

Swim Week (Swimming with Scissors) has hit the university and this means dozens of gorgeous, muscular guys coming to town to compete in the local swimming carnival. Not only does this mean Lizzie has to fend off drunken guys with great abs but she needs to ‘babysit’ Lydia just incase swim week results with her becoming an aunt for the first time….

Is Lydia boy crazy... or just plain loco?

Is Lydia boy crazy… or just plain loco?

Episode 18: 25 Douchebags and a Gentleman gives us our first mention of George Wickham – a swim coach who Lizzie meets whilst chaperoning Lydia. It’s almost love at first sight when Wickham gallantly places his jacket over a beer puddle for the damsel… oh my! How sweet? And here Lizzie thought true gentlemen had gone the way of the mix tape…

Jane doesn’t want viewers to think Mrs Bennet is insane based on Lizzie’s portrayals of her but in  The Green Bean Gelatin Plan we get to see just how far Mrs B would go to help Jane and Bing’s relationship.

Wow Mom... That's a really nice cranberry gelatine mould with green beans in it...

Wow Mom… That’s a really nice cranberry gelatine mould with green beans in it…

Finally we have Enjoy the Adorbs – a special episode being hosted (and not hijacked…) by the effervescent Lydia Bennet. Never one to just sit back and be boring, Lydia reveals her plans for getting Jane and Bing together fo’ realz. Lydia Law #1 – Nothing gets done without alcohol. So the youngest Bennet sister manages to convince Bing to have a party whilst secretly plotting to get Jane and Bing so drunken that they hookup and elope. Also, we find out that Lydia’s kitty has her own twitter account


Not be to be outdone, Lydia shares her older sister's love of roleplaying...

Not be to be outdone, Lydia shares her older sister’s love of roleplaying…

One fifth of the way though the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! I think that many of the episodes I watched this week were filler and not really beneficial to the plot as a whole but entertaining nonetheless. I’m not sure if it’s my hatred of Lydia from the original story that’s colouring my thoughts regarding This Lydia but oh my.. she’s annoying! Lizzie is as entertaining and sarcastic as ever and in “Lizzie Bennet is in Denial” I could finally see why someone like Charlotte could be best friends with Lizzie.

That’s all I have for this week. Feel free to leave me a comment – especially if you have any pictures of Cats with Chinchillas… I still feel deprived from episode 10’s offering. Next week I’ll have a post with my thoughts regarding episodes 21 to 30.

Thanks 🙂

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 1-10

As a Jane Austen fan, I love all of her novels. But I have a guilty secret. It took me five years to read Pride and Prejudice. As a thirteen year old I found the language slightly stiff and awkward and the social situations bored me. It took a few tries and a few years in between each one to fully come to grips with the story. It’s a fantastic story about life, relationships and how society influences both of those.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is an online and modern-day adaptation of the classic. With Hank Green and Bernie Su at the helm, a brilliant creative team manage to present the story of Lizzie Bennet, a 24-year-old mass communications student who still lives with her parents though a series of 100 vlogs.

The series premiered just over a year ago and officially wrapped up just last week (on the 28th of March, 2013). I have had friends RAVING about this series but resisted the urge to watch them until they were finished – because of my major hang up on cliff-hangers and because I have a terrible internet plan and just thinking the word YouTube causes me to go over my download limit for the month.

But, considering my upgraded internet (yay!) and the fact that I have fallen in love with Lizzie’s quirky narration, I want to make my way though all the episodes and share them with my followers 🙂

This week’s post will give a brief run down of the first ten episodes. I’m planning on this being an ongoing feature on my blog for the next ten weeks.

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the episode on YouTube so you can watch the episode.

Episode 1: My Name is Lizzie Bennet – and this is my life

In the first episode we get to meet the charismatic protagonist of the series, Lizzie Bennet. She’s quirky and endearing and may have a slight chip on her shoulder with regards to her mother and a woman’s role in society. Along with her camera person, best friend and all round editing expert, Charlotte, and special help from younger and slightly promiscuous younger sister, Lydia, Lizzie embarks on a video blogging journey to chronicle what life for the grad student is like.

Episode 2: My Sisters – Problematic to Practically Perfect

The second instalment reintroduced us to Lydia, Lizzie’s man crazy younger sister who she believes is a train wreck waiting to happen and Jane. Sweet, caring, beautiful and almost flawless older sister Jane.

Episode 3 – My Parents: Opposingly Supportive

Whilst Mr and Mrs Bennet remain offscreen for the duration, charming (if not slightly ridiculous) role plays with Lizzie portraying a Southern Belle version of her mother and Charlotte playing Mr Bennet make it feel like we know them.

Episode 4 – Bing Lee and his 500 Teenage Prostitutes

Since the start the mysterious Bing Lee, rich medical student and Mrs Bennet’s dream son-in-law remains a bit of a secret but this episode gives a little more information about him – and his new house mate, Darcy (whose name may sounds “like he’s a dubstep DJ”).

Episode 5 – After the Wedding: The Real Bing Lee

The next few episodes all deal with the fallout from a wedding that Lizzie and her sister’s attended along with Bing Lee, his sister Caroline and the aloof William Darcy. With Jane having stolen Bing’s heart and a charming little scene with Lizzie being Jane and Jane being Lizze – this was one of my favourite episodes so far.

Episode 6 – The Snobby Mr. Douchey

Mr Darcy (or as Lizzie affectionately refers to him as Mr Douchey) is the key feature of this vlog entry. After meeting at the wedding, Lizzie has the “pleasure” of finding herself in his company. Lydia is brilliant as she helps Lizzie re-enact their fateful introduction. “Grotesque, nauseating, run-the-other-way-as-if-your-life-depended-on-it” were just some of the endearing words Lizzie had to say on the pleasure of her introduction.

Episode 7 – The Most Awkward Dance Ever

But the fun of the Lizzie and Darcy show doesn’t stop with just an introduction. Rather they both somehow unlikely end up in the positioning of embracing tradition and sharing a dance. “[Lizzie] swayed and [Darcy] snobbed”. Truly deserving of the title Most Awkward Dance Ever.

Episode 8 – Charlotte is Back

Lizzie faces the inimical task of having to change her mind regarding Bing Lee and his potential relationship with Jane. But at least she doesn’t have to worry about her mother trying to arrange a marriage between Lizzie and Darcy – Mrs B hates the “stuck-up, humorless [..] worlds worst dance partner” as much as Lizzie does!

Lizzie’s first Q&A Video

Episode 9 – Single and Happyish

Whilst Lizzie is not year a member of 2.5WPF club as her mother would wish (and practically an old maid at 24!) she’s not too upset by her mother’s disappointment in her middle daughter’s love life. Halloween costumes not withstanding!

Episode 10 – Cats and Chinchillas

In an episode that promised many cute pictures of cats and chinchillas (cuteness squared!)it gets slightly off track by Jane who is still over the moon about her blossoming relationship with Bing Lee. Lizzie thinks that there is such a thing as being too nice (case and point, Jane!) but does deliver with the Cat/Chinchilla picture.

After watching the first ten episodes I loved how true and yet how ridiculously absurd this modern version of an old classic managed to be. The characters are so likeable and even the slightly off topic bizarreness of it all makes it an enjoyable watch. The fact that each episode is only a few minutes long just makes it even better – there’s no being tied to the computer to watch an epic length video but rather a small taste of Lizzie’s life in each new episode. My only issue so far is that every time I hear the name Bing Lee I’m reminded of the electronics store that I bought my VCR from…

SO that’s it. My thoughts on the first ten episodes of the highly addictive web series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Tell me what you though or just tell me how much you love kittens and rainbows. Comments are always welcome 🙂