Book Review: Break It Up by E.M. Tippetts

Break It Up

Title: Break It Up
Author: E. M. Tippetts
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: November 2013
Pages: 216
Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis (from goodreads):
Kyra Armijo is making a few changes in her life. One of them being, she’s no longer going to give it up to every guy who looks at her twice. And she’s putting her hopes and dreams for her future first. When the aspiring photojournalist gets the opportunity of a lifetime to tag along with international boy band sensation, Triple Cross, she can’t pass up the chance.

The only problem is that she’s in love with one band member, dodging the unwanted attention of another, and desperate to keep her turbulent past under wraps. Triple Cross have “nice guy” appeal, approved of by parents the world over, but have just let go their longtime manager, who controlled their clean image and media exposure with an iron fist. When Zach Wechsler, the object of Kyra’s affection, begins to show interest, she has to be careful.

Surely one girl can’t destroy a band that’s been together for ten years… only what if she can? Kyra knows she’s one bad decision away from ruining everything she’s worked for, and taking the hottest act of her generation down with her.

My Review:

Kyra used to be the girl with the bad reputation. A reputation she may have earned but she’s trying to redeem herself for her past mistakes. When she gets to meet with the somewhat reclusive but very famous band, Triple Cross, Kyra is a little star struck – and she has met her fair share of A-List celebrities. But Zach Wechsler is different. He’s even better than in Kyra’s fantasies. Can Kyra manage to keep her past a secret and have a chance with the clean cut pop sensation or will things between Kyra and Zach be over before they even cot a chance to began?

If you’ve read Someone Else’s Fairytale or Nobody’s Damsel by Emily Mah Tippetts, Kyra would be familiar to you. Break it Up is a spinoff focusing on Jason’s niece, Kyra. She’s not the wild child she was but rather maturing into a respectable member of society. Kyra owns her own mistakes but is trying to leave it in the past and make something of her future. She’s an interesting character. I liked that she didn’t judge others for their actions because she’d been there, done that and it wasn’t her place remark on how they choose to live their lives. Her relationships with her family was great to read about. Whilst this book can be read as a standalone I thought it was interesting to see Kyra’s perception of characters that I had grown to love before from Chloe’s story.

I thought that Triple Cross were fun. Somewhere between One Direction and the Jonas Brothers, they’re three young men who are in the middle of flux. Their mom-ager (mother manager) was recently cut loose and now they’re having to fend for themselves for the first time in their lives. Zach is the ultimate dream boy… and Kyra isn’t immune from his charm. But I found him to be a little immature and he read very young. A little too young for the world wise Kyra. I would have liked him more had he taken a little more responsibility for what was happening to him and his band rather than just hoping something would magically solve all their problems. Romance wise – Kyra and Zach’s chemistry was lovely. They compliment each other so well and I was rooting for them from the start.

It was great to be back in the world EM Tippetts has created. Her characters are three-dimensional – each with their own flaws which makes them that much more relatable and enjoyable to read about. She writes fantastic New Adult novels that are interesting and clean. I enjoyed reading this book and loved that it is a complete story – with no nasty cliffhangers!  

Thanks to the author for the review copy.

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Not a YA Book Review: Nobody’s Damsel by Emily Mah Tippetts

Last year I had the pleasure of reading Someone Else’s Fairytale by Emily Mah Tippetts – a New Adult novel of a college student who meets and is courted by an incredibly handsome and successful movie star. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to read and review the second book in the series, Nobody’s Damsel. This book continues on from the first one and the characters are a little older now and don’t quite fall under the category of New Adult but I thought it was a great book and want to share it with my readers.

Title: Nobody’s Damsel (Someone Else’s Fairytale #2)
Author: Emily Mah Tippets
Genre: contemporary, romance, chick lit
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: January 5th 2013
Pages: 288 pages
Rating: 4.5 stars

Sample chapter of Nobody’s Damsel can be found: here

Synopsis (from goodreads):
Chloe has finished her masters degree and taken a job as a forensic scientist back in her home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, only the press will not leave her alone. They follow her to crime scenes and report on her every move, eager to show that her marriage to Hollywood A-lister, Jason Vanderholt, is on the brink of collapse. Millions of fans who dream of their own celebrity romance with him want this more than anything. This scrutiny comes at a particularly bad time as Chloe’s first case is a crime against a child roughly the same age that Chloe was when she survived a homicide attempt.

Now that she sees the case from an adult’s perspective, she realizes it’s much harder than she ever dreamed. It’s even worse for Jason, who is two steps removed from the crime. He must watch and try to support his wife as she battles with past demons and tries to keep up with a nameless suspect who evades identification and capture. Never has Jason been more frustrated with his job, its frivolities, and its lack of connection to the real world. When he storms off the set of his latest movie, the press goes wild with conjecture. Perhaps he never was anything more than a pretty face after all.

Together, Chloe and Jason must find their way past all the popping flashbulbs and through the dark maze of the criminal investigation to discover whether they can balance their professional goals with the demands of a celebrity marriage. The odds are entirely against them.

My Review:

Chloe is now in her dream occupation – a forensic scientist working crime scenes for the police. But with her career comes stress and Chloe has enough of that having to run from snap happy photographers who capture her every move. Jason is busy with his own job and the drama that comes from being a Hollywood heart-throb.

When the case Chloe is working on brings up memories she’d rather forget and emotions threaten to get in the way of finding the one responsible for a child’s abduction and the added stress of Jason’s ex back in the picture, it seems there’s more to the fairytale than first meets the eye.

Whilst I loved the happy ending of Someone Else’s Fairytale, I could not have been happier for the somewhat troubled beginning of Noone’s Damsel. The course of true love never did run smooth and that can definitely be said for the characters of Chloe and Jason. Marriage doesn’t necessity mean happily ever after. The heroes and heroines of fairytales didn’t have stalking paparazzi and tabloids trying to cause drama in their relationships. A problem I have in some novels is that after all the pain and mess a couple goes though to get together, the author then lets them off the hook and everything’s clear sailing from then on. Not the case with this particular couple. They have issues, fights and trouble. I thought the realism that this added was fantastic and only made me like Chloe more than I did previously.

Where in the first novel I was focused on the romantic relationship between Chloe and Jason, this book had me more interested in Chloe’s job as a forensic scientist.  I found it fascinating the relationships between the police and the crime scene investigators. The romance is still there it’s just not the sole focus of the story.

The secondary characters are great in their roles – I was especially glad to see Kyra popping up again. They added to the plot and I liked to see how Chloe’s relationships with the Van der Volts and her sister has developed.

This novel was a pleasure to read. The writing was well researched. The plot was well though out but still had a few twists. I loved how realistic Tippetts had made the relationship of a Hollywood superstar with a lab geek – both the romance and the demands of their chosen careers. The tribute at the end of the book was heartfelt and beautiful. I can’t wait to read the next instalment of Chloe and Jason’s lives together.

Thanks to Emily Mah Tippets for the review copy.

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Also by Emily Mah Tippetts:

 Someone Else’s Fairytale (Someone Else’s Fairytale #1)

Book Review: Someone Else’s Fairytale by Emily Mah Tippetts

Title: Someone Else’s Fairytale
Author: Emily Mah Tippetts
Genre: Contemporary Romance, 
Publisher: Self published (I received an ecopy of this novel from the author)
Publication Date: December 2011
Pages: 311
Rating: 4 stars

Synopsis (from goodreads):
Jason Vanderholt, Hollywood’s hottest actor, falls head over heels for every girl, Chloe Winters, who hasn’t gotten around to watching most of his movies. It’s the ideal fairytale… for most people. The last thing Chloe needs is public attention. It brings back dangers from the past that she’s worked her whole life to escape.

My Review:

Standing in the freezing cold at some insanely early hour of the morning just to be an extra in some movie isn’t Chloe Winters’ idea of a great time. The things one does for one’s star obsessed room-mate. So when the star of the film and current Hollywood heart-throb approaches Chloe out of all the people standing around, she’s not all that impressed. Especially when he brings up the fact that he knows and was friends with some members of her family she’d rather not be related to – never mind associated with.

But Jason Vanderholt isn’t going to take no for an answer. He’s instantly captivated with one of the few people on the planet who isn’t infatuated with him. To him Chloe is intelligent, brave and beautiful. To Chloe, Jason is over tanned and his teeth are just a little too perfect. But despite all this they manage to form a friendship of sorts.

When Chloe’s past comes back to haunt her and the pressures of her friends, family and Jason’s lifestyle threaten to interfere with their delicate relationship, she’ll find out if she’s strong enough to get the happily ever after she’d never even dreamed of having…

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a fan of the TV show, The Bachelor. And for me, this novel had all the things I love about that show and none of the things that constantly make me want to rip my hair out. It’s the fairytale story of the handsome and wealthy guy courting the everyday woman. He has everything and it’s almost as if he’s from another world. But I liked that Chloe isn’t like those woman from the show who are knocking each other over and doing everything they can just for the slightest bit of attention from the leading man. She’s got more self-respect than that. She wants really love and respect and to enjoy life with whatever man she is in a relationship with. I admired that about her.

Chloe is a strong and independent woman. Her life hasn’t been easy and she’s managed to overcome all the nightmares and all the drama of her childhood and come out the other side as a woman to be admired and looked up to. She has issues but they’re understandable all things considered and she’s aware of her own shortcomings. I loved her as a character. I loved how she grew as a character. There were times when her behaviour frustrated me but I could understand why she did what she did and why she thought what she thought. To be truthful, I’d have been disappointed had she not been the person she was. She’s an honest character with flaws but they just made her better well-rounded as a person.

And then there’s Jason. Oh my. I can understand why Chloe referred to him as being the lead in fairytale and being cast as the Prince Charming role. He’s kind of perfect. But not so perfect that he annoyed me. I like flaws and whilst he appeared to be seemingly perfect (and he was practically perfect in every way) he did have his own past that he and Chloe had to overcome and I enjoyed that he was more than just what he seemed on the surface.

The secondary characters were great too. I enjoyed Jason’s family and Chloe’s friends.

I loved the fairytale. And in my eyes it is very much like a fairytale – where Chloe was the downtrodden maiden whose family and circumstances kept her from being all that she could be – much like Cinderella. Yes there’s no magical sparks or anything in this story but it’s adorable. It’s not all sweet and innocent – there are some quite dark and heavy issues involved. I thought they added to make the novel a little more real and to stop it from being too over the top warm and fuzzy.

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