The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 91-100!

It’s Friday! And that means that it’s time for my last recap and review of The Lizzie Bennet DiariesThat’s right – this week is the last ten episodes of the Lizzie Bennet diaries! 

That’s right – this is the LAST TEN EPISODES of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! And despite the fact that these finished screening months ago – I”M STILL EXCITED! because that’s just how this web series makes me feel. After so many episodes I feel justified in being just the tiniest bit emotionally involved in these fictional characters.

Note: This week all my links for the videos will direct you directly to YouTube.


She may have graduated from the Green Bean Gelatin Plan, but Mrs Bennet is still up to her old matchmaking tricks (How About That – Episode 91). Jane and Bing have agreed to be friends but the matriarch of the Bennet family still imagine something more… and tries to direct their lives by inviting Bing to every single family dinner. Mom is in full mom force and Bing is central to all awkwardness. Jane’s new news may change everything.

Costume theatre clarifies the situation with Jane playing Bing and Lizzie getting her Mrs Bennet on!

Costume theatre clarifies the situation with Jane playing Bing and Lizzie getting her Mrs Bennet on!

New York New York! Leaving tomorrow for a new job in a new city, Lizzie is trying to be upbeat and optimistic about Jane moving thousands of miles away (Goodbye Jane – Episode 92). But before we say goodbye to the oldest Bennet sister, there is some more drama to be had with Bing stopping by and dropping a bombshell. He’s not asking her to stay… he’s asking to go with her!

Look who’s back! (Episode 93). With Game of Gourds finally finished, Charlotte is back in town to visit her family and to help Lizzie come to terms with just what she should do next after graduation.

Still recovering after the scandal, Lydia has something she wants to share with Lizzie and the viewers (Revelations – Episode 94). The mystery person who put a stop to the tape going viral was none other than Mr William Darcy! *shock!*.

Ep 94 - Revelations

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and I am so glad for Jane and Bing.. or as Lydia would say – Jing!”

Episode 95 brings a confrontation as Caroline Lee makes a surprise visit the Lizzie’s den. It’s a bit of a stand-off and Caroline blames Lizzie of being the reason why Bing has run off to New York and accuses her of seducing Darcy!

Lizzie is confused (Talking to myself – Episode 96). And without Jane to talk things out with her she feels a little at odds… not even costume theatre with Lizzie portraying Jane, Gigi, Charlotte and herself sheds any light on the situation. Maybe it’s time she takes the first step and reaches out to Darcy?

It’s Lizzie and Charlotte’s 25th birthday (Special Delivery – Episode 97)! A very important year to be sure. Charlotte brings up Lizzie’s thesis again – just to make sure viewers are aware there’s more going on in Lizzie’s life than just Jing! drama and the mysterious Darcy…

Ep 97 - Special Delivery

After weeks of second guessing herself and wondering why all she was receiving from Darcy was silence, he appears on her doorstep (Gratitude – Episode 98)! Oh my… he got her voice-mail and wanted to return the greeting to her in person! It seems that Lizzie wasn’t the only on who was confused… but in the end – Lizzie and Darcy are FINALLY on the same page!!!

That’s right! Lizzie and Darcy are now officially together (Future Talk – Episode 99)! And after being together for a week it’s time for the talk – the one about just what the future holds for them.

And now we’re up to the 100th – and FINAL – episode of the Lizzie Bennet diaries (The End – Episode 100)! That’s right! After a year and a hundred episodes, Lizzie feels like this is a good place to stop before she moves on with the next chapter of her life.

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and thank you for watching my videos”

And that’s it. Ten weeks of my recaps and a hundred episodes of Lizzie showcasing her life – and those of her friends and family – for all to see. I love this story – and I’m delighted to see how it stood up with regards to the Jane Austen original. It was both true to old and a brilliant new take on the classic story. The characters were cast perfectly – being authentic and original – and it was written beautifully.

And whilst that’s all there is to the LBD, the creators have made a new series, Sanditon, featuring Gigi Darcy which is a vlog adaptation of an unfinished Jane Austen work.

So please, leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Did you like this vlog adaptation of a classic novel? Who was your favourite character? Anyone you despised? Were you satisfied with the ending?

Thanks for reading and being a part of my Friday feature 🙂


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 81-90

It’s Friday! And that means that it’s time for my second last recap and review of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

So this week I’m re-capping and sharing my thoughts on episodes 81 through to 90. We’re nearly finished the series!
Note: For some reason the Lizzie Bennet website has been down for the past week whenever I’ve tried to visit. This week all my links for the videos will direct directly to YouTube.

Taking a leaf out of Candide, Lizzie is going to tend to her own garden and keep out of other people’s personal lives… unless they ask her for help. But her new-found vow is tested when Gigi and Bing Lee both make an appearance in her video. Bing might not be as over Jane as we have been lead to believe and it seems like finally (yes, finally!) Bing has caught on to the fact that these videos aren’t just for Charlotte (Awkward – Ep: 81)

Two's company... three's a crowd? Bing makes this video slightly awkward

Two’s company… three’s a crowd? Bing makes this video slightly awkward

After three weeks at Pemberley Digital, Lizzie is settling in nicely and Gigi wants to clear something up for the nice viewers watching Lizzie’s drama unfold online (Checks and Balances – Ep: 82). It seems there was more in Darcy’s letter than Lizzie revealed and Gigi sheds light on just how deep the divide between Wickham and Darcy is. It seems Lizzie might have to rethink her stance on Mr William Darcy…

Sparks fly! The chemistry is tangible!

Sparks fly! The chemistry is tangible!

Lizzie seems to have remembered that she’s in San Francisco for school, so it’s time to film an interview with the CEO of Pemberley Digital for her independent study (Corporate Interview – Ep: 83)! Enter Darcy – who is more than willing to find time for Lizzie. The tension between the two has gone from blatant hostility on Lizzie’s part to flirty giggles and palpable chemistry. In an attempt to show Lizzie why she’s special, Darcy agrees to participate in some more costume theatre – this time impersonating his sister, Gigi, and best friend Fitz – even taking the opportunity to raid the costume department on the third floor!

Darcy as Gigi... and as Fitz. It seems he's getting the hang of Costume Theatre!

Darcy as Gigi… and as Fitz. It seems he’s getting the hang of Costume Theatre!

Some days are ugh but others are UNBELIEVABLE AWESOME! And on a day when Lizzie has not only a new phone but a promising date to the theatre disaster strikes with an unexpected call from Charlotte. Seems like it might be an ugh day after all… (Ugh – Ep: 84).

There’s drama at the Bennet house (Consequences – Ep: 85)- and not surprisingly Lydia is at the centre of it all. An emotional Lizzie rushes back to confront her sister and offer her support. And yay! a new room in the Bennet house is revealed when Mrs Bennet has turned Lizzie’s bedroom into a meditation retreat…

Ep 85 - Consequences

Lydia is distraught and in a showing of solidarity, Jane has come back from Los Angeles to support her baby sister (Sisterly Support – Ep: 86). It seems that Mr Bennet isn’t as clueless as he usually seems and knows the truth about Lydia and the George Wickham scandal. Lizzie feels responsible.

Ep 86 - An Understanding

Upon seeing how distraught Lizzie is over the Lydia incident, Jane makes tea (!) and offers some advice and encouragement. A depressed Lydia makes an appearance and is heartbroken and devastated. Lizzie tries to be a good big sister (An Understanding – Ep: 87).

Friends again :D

Friends again 😀

With one day till the video is about to go viral – it seems some kind-hearted stranger has got rid of the website! (Okay – Ep: 88). Lydia and Lizzie have a deep and meaningful and promise that now the crisis has been averted for the videos to be a little less emo. But we know there’ll still be a lot of the dram-ah! Apologies fly left and right and it seems that the relationship between the younger Bennet sisters has been repaired. Lydia asks Lizzie for a favour – to stick around for a while…

Having left Pemberley Digital, Lizzie is feeling a bit restless being back at her parents’ house (Insomnia – Ep: 89) so she decides to make a video in the middle of the night. Jane’s up as well and the two discuss Bing. After hearing that Bing asked about Jane and her dating status – Jane looks like she swallowed a lemon… but she agrees to catch up on Lizzie’s videos.

Lizzie’s trying to be a little less emotionally draining and promises to cut down on the angst fest – that is until Bing makes an appearance at the Bennet home! (Something Lighter… Please – Ep: 90) He seems to be lurking and popping up everywhere these days. He’s watched the videos and seems to have done a lot of thinking. Jane arrives on the scene – but in accordance with her earlier decision, Lizzie doesn’t film their conversation. Good thing Jane is willing to let the viewers in on what went down. It seems Bing is back in town for a while and since Jane is currently jobless, they’ve agreed to a fresh start… as friends? New Jane and what seems to be a new Bing with a new start? Things should be interesting…

It's a bit harder to be on camera when you know the whole world is watching...

It’s a bit harder to be on camera when you know the whole world is watching…

This week’s episodes were full of DRAMA and SCANDAL! and were a bit more heavy than what I’ve come to expect from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. But that said – we’re coming up to the end and I loved the way that everything is coming together. The episodes I watched this week contained some of the best acting I’ve seen so far in the series and I love how believable all the actors are as their characters.

It was also fantastic to see the relationships develop and evolve. Lizzie and Lydia found new ground, Jane is more mature and stronger as a person. And the way the chemistry is growing between Darcy and Lizzie? Oh my! Lydia’s scenes were heartbreaking and Lizzie’s completely believable as the guilt ridden older sister.

I’m looking forward to next week – even if it’s going to be the last ten episodes before I have to say good-bye to Lizzie, Darcy and the rest of their crazy relatives and friends.

Thanks for reading my post and as always – I love your comments! Let me know what you thought/think of the Lizzie Bennet diaries!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 71-80

I love Fridays and one reason for that is that here on  whYAnot that means  it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

So this week I’m re-capping and sharing my thoughts on episodes 71 though to 80. And I have to admit that the more I watch, the more I love this series.
Note: For some reason the Lizzie Bennet website has been down for the past few days whenever I’ve tried to visit. This week all my links for the videos will direct directly to YouTube.

It’s Christmas time and that means it’s time for Mr. Bennet’s Christmas Train Extravaganza! Lucky for Birthday girl Lydia, Mrs and Mr Bennet will be out-of-town for a night giving her a chance to celebrate her 21st in typical Lydia style – with a loud and over the top PAR-TAY!

Party Time in the Bennet house and Lizzie has found a brief moment of solitude in her bedroom. It’s not long before she’s joined by Cousin Mary. Mary is eager to help Lizzie show viewers just why George Wickham isn’t attending Lydia’s birthday bash.

Cousin Mary drops by and helps out with a role play!

Cousin Mary drops by and helps out with a role play!

It seems that one night isn’t enough party to satisfy Lydia’s birthday requirements. A rather tired Lizzie gives Lydia her birthday present but doesn’t quite get the reaction she was expecting … (Episode 73 – 2+1)

Her name is Lizzie Bennet and absolutely nothing will ruin this Christmas! (How to Hold a Grudge). Not a mother lamenting that none of her daughters have gotten married – or even engaged. Nor an exceptionally angry Lydia who goes as far as embarrassing Lizzie on her own vlog.

Merry Christmas! love Charlotte, Lizzie and Jane

Merry Christmas! love Charlotte, Lizzie and Jane

Christmas time (Episode 75 – Merry Christmas) in the Bennet house reunites Charlotte, Lizzie and Jane again! But not even the festive season has Lydia accepting Lizzie’s apology. At least Jane brought cookies…

Not wanting to exclude any of her viewers, Lizzie is Wishing Something Universal. Lydia managed to get her mother’s approval to hit up Vegas (Who knows? Lydia might meet her husband there!) but Lizzie still feels like someone should be there to look out for her little sister just in case something bad happens. Lizzie also decides to try to branch out like Jane suggested. She’s going to San Francisco!

Charlotte makes a dashing Mr Bennet whilst Lizzie gets to show off her Mrs Bennet impression again.

Charlotte makes a dashing Mr Bennet whilst Lizzie gets to show off her Mrs Bennet impression again.

Turns out that Lizzie’s big opportunity in San Francisco ends up being shadowing at Pemberley Digital – whose CEO happens to be none other than Mister William Darcy (Tour Leader). And upon finding out that if she wants out then she won’t graduate, Lizzie resorts to twitterstalking Darcy just to make sure they don’t cross paths. To make things just a little more uncomfortable, Lizzie is introduced to Gigi -Darcy’s younger sister – and a HUGE fan of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Introducing Gigi!

Introducing Gigi!

Realizing that having no friends in San Francisco – and missing Charlotte and Jane terribly.. oh and Lydia too – Lizzie decides to meet some new people. Gigi has great friend potential but the fact that she knows all the terrible things Lizzie has said about Darcy makes Lizzie a little nervous. Not to mention Gigi is a little odd… but turns out she has some plans of her own. Plans involving Lizzie and Darcy… (The Lizzie Trap)


Darcy and Lizzle... and awkward silences

Darcy and Lizzle… and awkward silences

But Darcy is not the only unexpected visitor at Pemberley Digital. The loveable yet naive Bing Lee stops by to chat with Lizzie (The Unavoidable Mr. Lee). How is it possibly that he doesn’t know about the videos? Is he really that clueless? Or maybe it’s his clueless nativity that makes him perfect for Jane… Old Jane that is.

Ep 79 - The Unavoidable Mr Lee

Annoyed at herself for not confronting Bing about not taking a more take charge attitude in his own love life, Lizzie needs some costume therapy to talk out her emotions with someone. After resorting to roaming the halls to find a willing participant, Lizzie finds the perfect person to play Darcy… (Episode 80 – Hyper-Mediation in New Media).

Darcy as Darcy and Lizzie as Lizzie

Darcy as Darcy and Lizzie as Lizzie


I think this week’s episodes have been my favourite to date. There’s sister drama and Lizzie going out into the world. And then there’s Darcy. I admit it – I’m a Darcy fan girl since I was 15. And every time I’ve reread the book, seen any number of the film or TV adaptations or modernized versions, in the ones that I really connect with there’s a moment. A single moment where, if they’ve done it right, I can see exactly what it is that makes Darcy the character that so many women fall for. And for me it was in episode 80. For me, that’s what makes this series so amazing. It’s got the elements that made me fall in love with Elizabeth Bennet’s story the first time I read it.

The acting in these episodes was fantastic – as always. Stand out performance from Lydia. She may be a character that I’ve never been particularly fond of but in 2+1 she played the somewhat heartbroken sister feeling betrayed to a T.

I am more excited than ever to watch the next episodes! Things really are getting exciting now!

Thanks for reading my post and as always – I love your comments! Let me know what you thought/think of the Lizzie Bennet diaries!





The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 61-70

Thank god it’s Friday – and not only because here on whYAnot that means  it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

I have to admit that I am starting to want to slow down and hoard the rest of the episodes because we’re over half way though! And – much like Georgina Kincaid from Richelle Mead’s Succubus series – there’s something sp special about reading (and in this case watching) something for the first time. It’s true you can always go back and re-read/re-watch but the first time is just so special.

This week I’m recapping episodes 61-70.

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

Ep 61 - Yeah I knew it


After the fallout from the last video – and telling Darcy to watch the videos! – Lizzie gets a surprise visitor (Episode 61: Yeah I Know). And it seems that Mr. Darcy is come with both and apology for making her stay at Collins & Collins awkward and a mysterious letter. Charlotte is not surprised about Darcy’s proposal and Lizzie is left speechless…

In Letter Analysis“Her name is Lizzie Bennet and she’s holding out on us!” It seems that despite everything Lizzie has said she does have some limits when it comes to divulging personal information. And the contents of the handwritten and wax sealed expression from Darcy is one of them. To quote Lydia – OMG! WTF! Whatevs… ZOLO!

After months of silence, a rather pushy Caroline is back in the picture (Unexpected Returns). Fishing – without much subtlety- for information regarding the Letter, Caroline dodges questions about her disappearance.

But Lizzie and Charlotte won’t take Caroline’s vagueness quietly! In Episode 64: C vs C, Lizzie finds out just why Caroline wanted to help with the videos.

My name is Lizzie Bennet and Caroline... you're on!"

My name is Lizzie Bennet and Caroline… you’re on!”

It’s almost Thanksgiving (Turkey Days) and after publicly addressing both Darcy and Bing in her video, Lizzie is ready to go home. Who knew that a life with Mrs Bennet would be calmer than the past few months at Collins & Collins?

But things at the office are crazy and it seems that Charlotte is the only one who can set things right (Giving Thanks). But Lizzie isn’t about to go home without her best friend! Dire situations call for desperate measures… and it seems the fair Miss Bennet isn’t above some blackmail!

In Episode 67: Back Home Again, Lizzie is reunited with Lydia and Jane! And zomg… have you heard? the G-dubs (George Wickham) is apparently back in town…

Ep 67 - Back Home Again

Using tactics that only a best friend would know how to apply – Charlotte gets Lizzie to tell us a story (Leftovers). A story of what a certain letter may have said… but to make things fair she goes back to the story she and George told about a boy named Da’vid and his friend Batman… Lizzie actually admits that she’s a little glad for having read Darcy’s letter.

“My name is Lydia Bennet and this is Episode 69…”. Despite all the drama, Lizzie manages to find time to work on her thesis.. and (un)luckily for her, Lydia steps in to do this monumental video! Roleplaying (cause it’s fun!)  with Lydia as Lizzie and Jane playing Lydia and a surprisingly serious talk about Summer Friends, show just why Jane and Lydia are great additions to the LBD.

Do you think you could crank up the adorbs to like a bazillion?

Do you think you could crank up the adorbs to like a bazillion?

It seems that LA has brought out a New Jane. One that’s confident and loving the life she’s living. And one who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. But also one who is worried about Lizzie and wonders why Lizzie is staying at the Bennet house when there’s so much more to life out there…

So that is this week’s run down of episodes 61-70! I have to admit I’ve been a bit slack and haven’t been watching the Lydia Bennet videos… but hearing that Lizzie hasn’t kept up with them either made me feel a little better. And – despite finding Lydia a little high maintenance – I loved her appearances in the last few episodes I watched this week.

What did everyone else thinks of these episodes? Any surprises? Got a new favourite character? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

And for anyone looking for links to the Lydia episodes – here are the ones that go with these ten Lizzie episodes (and an extra Q&A featuring Ricky Collins!):

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 51-60

It’s Friday again so that means that here on whYAnot it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

Okay, so I missed last week. Sometimes life just gets too busy and then you can’t find enough time to watch YouTube! Don’t you just hate that? So now this week I’m discussing episodes 51 through 60..

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

Ep 51 - Together Again!

It’s official. Lizzie and Charlotte are Together Again! In the offices of Collins & Collins, Lizzie and Charlotte reconcile their feud and are best friends forever again! Ricky stops by and dangles a proposition in front of Lizzie that might just be too good to pass up on.

In Better Living, Lizzie tries to work out what she really wants in life – With Charlotte and Jane gone is there any point in going home? But never fear! No matter where Lizzie goes she will always bring her role playing cloths with her.

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and tomorrow I dine with royalty!” (Episode 53: Royal Dining) But Lizzie’s invitation to eat with Catherine de Bourgh comes with a list of behaviour suggestions complied by Mr Collins. Lizzie is slightly nervous but thankfully Ricky is around to put her at ease with a tour of the office…

"Have you seen my office? Its view of the car park is... breathtaking"

“Have you seen my office? Its view of the car park is… breathtaking”

After meeting Catherine de Bourgh and acquainting herself with Annie Kins, Lizzie is horrified to find out that Ms de Bourgh’s nephew is none other than William Darcy. Yes – that William Darcy. Lizzie has no idea why everyone she loves seems to be somehow associated with Mr Darcy. And never one to let an opportunity to dress up pass by, Lizzie shows us just what she thought about the infamous Ms. Catherine de Bourgh.

Lizzie as Ms de Bourgh and her tiny asthmatic dog...

Lizzie as Ms de Bourgh and her tiny asthmatic dog…

Alone at the office on a Sunday, Lizzie goes a little crazy (Robot Surprise). And not just because she finds out that Ms. de Bourgh’s new consultant is none other than Mr William Darcy… Lizzie wonders if Darcy is really a robot with a malfunctioning social interaction program…

More surprising than Darcy turning up at Collins & Collins is that his friend Fitz is surprisingly fun! Lizzie has found A New Buddy! Upon finding out about Lizzie’s vlog, he insists on being featured in them and even takes on Darcy in one of Lizzie’s interactions.

Meet Fitz!

Meet Fitz!

In Episode 57, Lizzie is Weirded Out. At the office on a Sunday and Charlotte in meetings, an unexpected visit from Darcy is the last thing she was expecting. And an awkward and nervous Darcy? Even weirder.

In an attempt to help cheer Jane up, Lizzie enlists new buddy Fitz to help her make some  Care Packages for her broken hearted sister. In the middle of packaging up some fun! food and love, Fitz unintentionally drops a bomb and spills the beans on just who was to blame for Bing’s spontaneous relocation to Los Angeles…

Fitz brings the Fun!

Fitz brings the Fun!

Still reeling from the most recent Darcy Development, Lizzie is devastated in Staff Spirit . It’s been three days of avoiding him and trying to hold in her murderous rage focused in Darcy’s direction.

Are you kidding me! is probably one of the most anticipated episodes to date – it’s a first full on Darcy sighting! And oh my… does he drop a bombshell! In addition, he shows that perhaps Lizzie’s impression of him may not be all that far from the mark when he manages to both insult her family and compliment Lizzie all in the same breath.

The One, The Only, Mr William Darcy!

The One, The Only, Mr William Darcy!

I loved this series of ten episodes. Each one adds critical plot developments and culminates with the introduction of Mr William Darcy – I’ll admit I fan-girled just a little. These episodes had some of my favourite moments – the introduction of Fitz, Charlotte and Mr Collin’s Halloween costumes, and that all important Darcy sighting. But more than that, they are just so brilliantly put together. The consistency of characters, costume changes and the adherence to the original story. I fell a little more in love with this web series this week.

Coinciding with these ten episodes are some more Lydia Bennet episodes and a Lizzie Q&A with new buddy, Fitz. Links to those are below.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 41-50

It’s Friday again so that means that here on whYAnot it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

This week I’m discussion episodes 41 through 50.

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

In Episode 41, Charlotte decides to help Mr Collins with his pitch (Your Pitch Needs Work). Mr Ricky Collins ends up pitching his proposal… to Charlotte!

Mr Ricky Collins "popping" his pitch to Charlotte Lu

Mr Ricky Collins “popping” his pitch to Charlotte Lu

You may have thought Lizzie and Charlotte were Friends Forever but Lizzie thinks Charlotte is making a big mistake with Mr Collins. Lizzie stoops rather low resulting in some sort of emotional blackmail to get Charlotte to stay but Ms. Lu has packed her bags and is leaving this week.

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and I miss my best friend.” Lizzie is Missing Charlotte in episode 43. With Mrs Bennet still annoyed Lizzie passed on Mr Collins and Jane keeping making sure Lizzie has copious cups of tea and all the hugs she can handle, things could be worse… You could have Lydia applying to replace Charlotte as main side kick… oh wait. That’s happening too.

Tea and cuddles a plenty as Lizzie adjusts to a Charlotte free life...

Tea and cuddles a plenty as Lizzie adjusts to a Charlotte free life..


Lizzie can’t stay in her Charlotteless depression for long as George Wickham is back on the scene bring a new kind of Darcy Wickham Drama. Our fearless heroine is almost gleeful with the revelation that dastardly Darcy and spectacular swim coach  G-dubs (the one and only George Wickham) have a history. What could George have on Darcy to make him behave so oddly?

In Wickham Story Time we get to see Wickham in the flesh… but he is no stranger to Lizzie’s vlog as he has apparently been watching them for a while. Which makes him more than acceptable to help Lizzie put on a show and fill us in on just how he and Darcy know each other. Lizzie is somewhat not surprised to learn that Darcy is the villain in Wickham’s tale.

Internet - This is George.

Internet – This is George.


Bing Lee has a birthday and everyone is invited! Lizzie has a plan to keep her mother off her back whilst still managing to enjoy the party in Birthday Party Battle Plan (episode 46). And because every social situation Lizzie finds herself invited to also involves Darcy being involved – George Wickham is going to attend as Lizzie’s plus one to protect her from his snarkiness.

It’s About Communicating shows some trouble in Swim Coach paradise. Never one to over estimate the involvement Darcy has on a bad situation – Lizzie decides that it’s all his fault when Wickham stands her up for Bing Lee’s party. Lizzie’s confusion over Wickham has her turning to Lydia for dating advice…. and twitter breaks some news.

After Bing Lee, Caroline and Darcy pack up and move to Los Angeles without any warning, Mrs Bennet manages to make the situation all about her (Snickerdoodles). But it’s Jane who Lizzie is really concern about. Lizzie indulges her sister in some “costume therapy” as they re-enact a Wickham/Lizzie phone call.

At least George Wickham is around to distract Lizzie from her paranoia...

At least George Wickham is around to distract Lizzie from her paranoia…


With Charlotte, Caroline and now Jane all departing for greener pastures, Lizzie may or may Not [be] Paranoid. Unsurprisingly she blames Darcy for Bing and in turn Jane leaving but at least she has George around distract her from her own paranoia… that is until G-Dubs announces that he’s going away for a few weeks too!

Moving On has Lizzie considering her options as Lydia shows up with a break up survival kit prepared to be there for Lizzie. Charlotte calls(!) and Lizzie plans on visiting her very best friend for a few weeks before classes start again.


It’s episodes like Snickerdoodles that just reiterate to me how much I love the casting of this web-series. The characters are incredible. In the space of a few minutes Jane goes from ecstatic and upbeat to devastated to optimistic over the future – and I was with her the entire way. She is so convincing and I love that I believe her every word and emotion. It also had me googling Snickerdoodles.

There’s quite a bit happening in these ten episodes – Charlotte leaving, Wickham’s story and now Jane and Bing’s relationship issues. I think it’s so clever that even knowing the traditional story I’m on the edge waiting for what I know is happening next and when it happens I adore how everything unfolds.

We’re half way though! Next week I’ll be posting my summary for episodes 51 – 60.


Here are a list of the bonus episodes. There’s the first seven Maria of the Lu episodes and a very special Q&A with George helping Lizzie answer questions.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 31-40 (plus extras)

It’s Friday again so that means that here on whYAnot it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

This week I’m discussion episodes 31 to 40 along with two Q&A videos and a few Lydia Bennet videos.

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

Caroline and Lizzie re-enact a Darcy conversation...

Caroline and Lizzie re-enact a Darcy conversation…

Lizzie is still at Netherfield and missing Charlotte but she has found a new friend in Bing’s sister, Caroline. Convertible Carpool shows the two new BFFs bonding over a mutual dislike of William Darcy.

Lydia – upon not being murdered by the lodger she rented the attic to – is back with another vlog of her own. Peer Pressure is yet another thing that Lydia uses to her own advantage. Not sure what Cousin Mary does for fun, Lydia introduces her three rules: Alcohol, pretend mean girls don’t exist and…. more alcohol!

Whilst Lizzie is waxing poetical over her blossoming friendship with Caroline, Turn About The Room has them recalling a Darcy interaction with with some disdain  Lizzie even speculates that his family crest may be “Vanity and Pride”.

Babysitting shows viewers just why the shouldn’t entrust their kids (or valuables) to Miss Lydia Bennet. And then it’s time for another Q&A with Lizzie for Episode QA3: Lizzie Answers Questions. This special video shows us a bit more of the Lizzie/Caroline dynamic as well as answering super important questions about Jane’s job, Kitty’s origins and just where in the world Lizzie would live given the option.

Sisterly Bonding!

Sisterly Bonding!

Nope! He Doesn’t Like Me – Lizzie is still somewhat fixated on William Darcy and his opinions of her. Jane stops by and the sisterly bonding between Lizzie and Jane is fantastic to watch! This has been possibly one of my favourite episodes for a Darcy/Lizzie roleplay – Lizzie playing herself and Jane as Mr Darcy uttering the line “Hate You? I would never dare hate you.” Awwww…

Hate you? I would never dare hate you.

Hate you? I would never dare hate you.

Kitty Bennet is shown off in the sixth instalment of Lydia’s video diaries. Cat videos on YouTube? Say it isn’t so!

After an entire month of being Bing’s guests at Netherfield, Lizzie is starting to feel like a fifth wheel in Lizzie Come Home. Unsure how Bing can be so nice and his sister so accommodating, the Darcy factor is making life in the mansion more unbearable by the day. Upon finding out the Bennet house has been approved by the building contractor a week ago Lizzie looks fit to murder someone…

Probably best to keep Lizzie away from sharp objects...

Probably best to keep Lizzie away from sharp objects…

Lydia is finally ready to be Going Home! But before she leaves her aunt and uncle’s house, she manages to find some common ground with her cousin, Mary. It seems that Mrs B might not be the only matchmaker in the family.

Home Sweet Home. Lizzie is back in her bedroom and nerve center of her video diaries! Reunited with Charlotte (and Lydia too), Lizzie is back to her normal self, imitating her mother and arguing with Jane about Darcy. After a month away summer is almost over and classes about to start up again – Charlotte suggests Lizzie talk to Mr. Ricky Collins about business prospects.

Best Friends Forever!

Best Friends Forever!

In this episode, Mr. Collins Returns. Mrs Bennet keeps inviting him over to dinner and it’s driving Lizzie insane. His name-dropping and the fact that he never seems to take a moment away from talking business is just a bit too much to Lizzie… not to mention he also has discovered her online diaries….

When her little sister and new nemisis invade her private sanctum – Lizzie storms out (Lydia vs. Mr. Collins). But that doesn’t mean no diary entry for today – on the contrary. This leads us to one of the funniest episodes to date. Lydia and Mr. Collins taking a page out of Lizzie’s book and roleplaying some very important interactions.

Ep 37 - Lydia vs. Mr Collins

Remember George Wickham from episode 18: 25 douchbags and a Gentleman? Well it seems like Miss Lizzie has a crush in Tale of Two Gents. Lydia is outraged at Lizzie, (“You even flirt lamely!”) but it seems the middle Bennet sister has got her text on with the swim coach and is gushing. With the help of Jane, Lizzie outlines the differences between Wickham and the not so dashing Mr Collins.

Wickham vs. Mr Collins

Wickham vs. Mr Collins

The Insistent Proposal has Lizzie regretting her eagerness to return to the Bennet household. It’s been two weeks since leaving Bing’s mansion and already Lizzie is missing the peace and quiet of her Mrs Bennet free days. It seems Lizzie’s mother is pushing the stalky annoying talkative Evil Santa” at Lizzie. There’s a proposal of sorts and Lizzie is out of words.

Mr Collins proposes....

Mr Collins proposes….

Never one to miss an opportunity to impersonate her mother, Lizzie shares the Proposal Fallout with all her viewers. It seems the two lovely Bennet ladies are at odds following Mr. Collins’ offer. But it’s not all bad news – Jane has something to celebrate! A one week carpool anniversary for her and Bing!

In the fourth Q&A video they finally address the issue of Mr Bing Lee vs. Bing Lee Electronics! And of course.. other super important issues as well.

I love watching these videos! I mean there’s a reason why I’m limiting myself to only ten episodes a week. I think I’d probably be able to watch the entire series in a day… but nothing else would get done!

I think it’s amazing that despite being well acquainted with the Austen novel, I still find myself being excited and anxious as to how things are going to play out for the characters. Lizzie and Darcy with the added complication of Wickham. And then there’s Mr Collins and all the controversy he brings. I’m excited for the evolution of Jane and Bing’s relationship and thrilled to see just who will pop in next in future episodes.

Let me know what you think about this series! Comments are always welcome and appreciated.