About Me

Welcome to whY.A.not?!

Who am I?

My name is Kate and I’m a 24-year-old student studying to become a librarian. I work part-time and because I work and study in a different city from where I live, I spend a fair part of my day (it’s around a three-hour round trip) on public transport – which is fantastic if you love to read!

When I told my friends I wanted to start a book review blog focusing on young adult fiction, many of them said, “Why YA?”

My answer was, “whY.A. not?”

It might be a terrible pun but it summed up my feelings. I have always loved young adult fiction and whilst I might be well into my twenties now, this genre still holds a special place in my heart.

I can remember being 12 and discovering the young adult section in the public library. I read nearly every single title they held and I was often suggesting new titles for the library to buy – and then put my name down first on the waiting list. These books helped me though some tough teenage years.

The books from this genre appeal not just to teenagers and young adults but rather they have a lot to offer older people as well. Some of the most inventive and touching story lines have come from books in this category.

The purpose of whY.A.not?

My aim with this blog is to review young adult titles (both new releases and slightly older books). Occasionally I shall post opinion pieces or blog memes – if it regards to the world of young adult literature and I find it relevant then there is a strong chance I shall post it here.

In the future after I become a little more comfortable with blogging, I hope to post some author interviews as well.

As I am an Australian blogger, I do intend to promote the Australian book publishing industry and I intend to post a number of reviews from Australian authors.

How can you contact me?

I encourage anyone reading my blog to contact me though the contact me page. I love to discuss and chat with readers and bloggers alike. If you a publisher or an author and you would like me to review a book, please check out my review policy page for further details.

Thanks for stopping by whY.A.not?

– Kate